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About Us

With experience across a wide spectrum of industries, Earth Ground Bars provide One Stop Solution of range of installation components including Earth Ground Bars, Terminal Blocks, Grounding Bars, Neutral Ground Bars, Neutral Links, Custom Earth Ground Bars and more. As a leading provider of Earth Ground Bars, we provide wide range of Earth Ground Bars including Copper Earth Ground Bars, Copper Termination Ground Bars, Earth Ground Bar Kits, Electrical Ground Bars and many more. From manufacturing custom sizes, international standard, finishing type, material, configuration, unique solution to mass production of Earth Ground Bar, we deliver a total solution of all your Custom Industrial Installation Requirements.

As a Customer-Focused Company, we provide continuous improvements to provide the most superior quality products within proper delivery time. The wide range of Installation Components are widely utilized by utility, power, renewable energy, construction, rail, mining, quarrying, offshore, oil, gas, petrochemical and many other industries. Our Wide range of products are widely exported in Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, UK, France, Austria and other European Countries.

About Us

Why Us?

  • Standard and Best Quality Production
  • Large Batch and Mass Production
  • Continuous Upgradation of Technology, Process and System
  • Customer Focused Approach
  • International Market Exports
  • Timely Delivery

The Range of Products We Serve: