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Aluminium Neutral Bars

We are engaged in manufacturing Aluminium Neutral Bars from the highest quality raw materials including aluminium, casting aluminium alloys and many other materials compositions sourced from trusted vendors. We offer range of aluminium neutral bars in different sizes, screws, configurations and capacity along with different finishing and coating as per industrial standards.

As a leading manufacturer of aluminium neutral bars, we also manufacture and offer custom aluminium neutral bars. We are well-known in the market to design and produce highly accurate, compact, and anti-corrosion aluminium neutral bars. We offer aluminium neutral bars and custom neutral bars for various electrical applications such as switchgear control gears, telecom distribution, panels electrical enclosures, etc.

We provide all types of Aluminium Neutral Bars as per customer and industrial needs and specifications.

Aluminium Neutral Bars

Length / Size of Aluminium Neutral Bars :

  • Available in any size as per Customer Specification and Drawing Samples.

Special Properties of Aluminium Neutral Bars :

  • Maximum strength.
  • High electric conductivity.
  • Low contact resistance.
  • Withstand internal pressure.
  • Longer service life.
  • Wear and tear resistant.

Why Choose us for Aluminium Neutral Bars?

  • One-stop solution for high-quality aluminium neutral bars.
  • Utilized Cutting-Edge Technology.
  • Precision Engineering Specialist team.
  • Commitments to customer satisfaction.
  • Years of expertise in this field.


Aluminium Neutral Bars are single or double metal strips with threaded fixing holes that are used as an electrical accessory in panel boards, switch gears and electrical switchboards. It’s also used for grounding applications.

We provide complete manufacturing and exporting services for aluminium neutral bars from design to delivery.

We can provide both types of neutral bars including standard aluminium neutral bars and custom aluminium neutral bars.

To build high-quality and precise aluminium neutral bars, we used pure aluminium as well as aluminium alloy as per standard specification such as BS 2898, BS 215 (part 1), BS 1474, BS 6360, and any high graded aluminium as per custom specification.

The main advantage of aluminium neutral bars is its excellent heat and electric conductivity. Other advantages include:
  • Insulation from the mounting surface.
  • Available in different styles and a number of ports.
  • Suitable for use with either copper or aluminium conductors.

Aluminium is not only a universal structural material but also a perfect electricity conductor, let’s check out some other reasons to choose aluminium neutral bars:
  • Cheaper than copper neutral bars.
  • Physically, chemically and mechanically, similar to copper neutral bars.
  • Naturally generates a protective thin oxide coating.
  • Excellent heat and electricity conductor.
  • Good reflector of visible light as well as heat.
  • Transmit more electricity using the same infrastructure.
  • Light in weight.

The aluminium neutral bars cost is varied on the basis of quantity, additional service, and customer requirements. Once received your inquiry, we will review your requirements and get back to you with the precise quote with the cost. Request a quote for Aluminium Neutral Bars.

If you are looking for Aluminium Neutral Bars or any other type of neutral bars, send us an inquiry with complete information or you can directly contact us at
We can manufacture and export

Aluminium Neutral Bars

as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us.