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Copper Ground Bars

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of copper ground bars, which are widely used in a variety of industrial applications. To provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction, we manufacture these diverse range of copper ground bars in accordance with industry standards. These copper ground bars are widely used for connecting pipes to the conductor for earthing purposes. These copper ground bars are used to connect the grounding electrode conductor to the ground rod.

Depending upon the different needs and requirements of copper ground bars, we produce different types of copper ground bars with different sizes and shapes as per the customer’s needs and requirements. With the use of the latest technology and high quality of material, our offered products are commendable for their high sturdiness, resistance to corrosion, no loosening of joints with high performance, and very cost-effective price.

We provide all types of copper ground bars as per customer and industrial needs and specifications.

Copper Ground Bars

Length / Size of Copper Ground Bars :

  • Available in any size as per customer specification and drawing Samples.

Special Properties of Copper Ground Bars :

  • High electrical conductivity.
  • Longer functional life.
  • Rugged in Construction.
  • Accurate in dimension.
  • Anti-corrosive.
  • Provide reliable and flexible solution.

Why Choose us for Copper Ground Bars?

  • Design to delivery (complete) in-house facility.
  • Competitive Pricing (medium & large batch quantity).
  • Stringent quality measures & assurance.


Copper ground bars are electric components which increase electric safety and prevent electric shock with finger-safe connections. It’s widely used in grounding, isolating, and protecting electric circuits and systems.

For copper ground bars, we used premium quality copper, high conductive copper, electrolytic copper, and many other copper compositions based on customer specifications and requirements.

There are many reasons to choose copper ground bars, such as
  • Provides high current flow which is ideal for heavy industrial parts.
  • Reduces the chance of corrosion interfering with the ground connection.
  • Available in various plating options.
  • Ensures maximum strength while lowering the risk of deterioration and failure.
  • Thermal resistance.

For brass terminal bars, we provide complete manufacturing, exporting, and additional services such as heat treatment, finishing, quality testing, packaging, and more required by our customers.

We offer a wide range of copper ground bars which are designed and manufactured as per custom size, material, thread, finish, drive styles, types, and many configurations.

Material selection, forging, forming, threading, high-speed slotting, heat treatment, plating, final product inspection, and packaging & delivery is a part of our copper ground bars manufacturing process.

When choosing copper ground bars for any application, consider several factors such as dimensions, type of application, type of environment, finishing, and more.

Yes, based on your request, we can manufacture copper ground bars with RoHS compliance material.
We can manufacture and export

Copper Ground Bars

as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us.