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Copper Neutral Bars

We are mainly engaged in manufacturing Copper Neutral Bars from high-strength copper, e-copper, alloy copper, electrolytic copper, lead-free copper, and other material composition based on customer requirements. Our copper neutral bars are produced from impact-resistant material to prevent cracking in transit or during installation. It suitable for both commercial and residential electrical service panel boards.

We are engaged in manufacturing Copper Neutral Bars which are suitable for use with copper conductors. Our wide range of copper neutral bars are compatible with both copper and aluminium wiring & are also available in various sizes, screws, configurations, and capacity along with different finishing and coating as per industrial standards.

We provide all types of Copper Neutral Bars as per customer and industrial needs and specifications.

Copper Neutral Bars

Length / Size of Copper Neutral Bars :

  • Available in any size as per Customer Specification and Drawing Samples.

Special Properties of Copper Neutral Bars :

  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Ensures maximum strength and conductivity.
  • Lightweight and Easy to handle.
  • High durability and reliability.
  • Available with front accessible connections.
  • Compact design.

Why Choose us for Copper Neutral Bars?

  • Strictly follow quality control system.
  • Regular and 100% product inspection.
  • Deliver an absolute service to valued customer.
  • Custom and cost-effective solution.
  • Defect-free products and parts.


Copper Neutral Bars are mass wire termination electric components that allow multiple neutral wires connection with secondary circuits in electrical panels. It’s widely used in grounding and earthing applications.

For copper neutral bars, we used high-quality copper materials such as Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper, Cast Copper, Copper-iron, Copper-tin, Pure EC-grade Copper, and many others, based on international standards and customer specifications.

There are many reasons to choose copper neutral bars, but here we mention some of them:
  • Ensure maximum strength.
  • Highly conductive (compare to brass neutral bars).
  • Reduces the risk of deterioration and failure.
  • Thermal resistance.
  • High malleability rating, and several reasons.

We provide complete manufacturing, exporting and any additional services (heat treatment, finishing, quality testing, packing, or any other) that you require for any product including copper neutral bars.

We offer a wide range of Copper Neutral Bars that are designed and manufactured as per custom size, material, thread, finish, drive styles, types, and many configurations.

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Yes, we export our all products and parts including copper neutral bars to Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, UK, France, Austria, and other European countries. We also export our products to USA, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East.
We can manufacture and export

Copper Neutral Bars

as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact us.