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Custom Manufacturing of Earth Bars and Ground Bars

Earth Ground Bar

Whether you require Earth Bars, Ground Bars, Neutral Bars and Neutral Links for outdoor installation, harsh environmental conditions or any electrical or equipment installation, we are One Stop Provider for any type of Earthing and Lightening Protection Products. Our manufacturing facility provide you to manufacture the most efficient, capable and effective range of Earth Bars or Ground Bars in shorter lead times!

From manufacturing in custom sizes, international standard, finishing type, material, configuration, unique solution to mass production of Earth Bars, Ground Bars, Neutral Bars or any products, we deliver a total solution of all your Custom Industrial Installation Requirements. Our range of Earth Bars, Ground Bars, Neutral Bars, Neutral Links, Terminal Blocks and any products are widely applicable in industrial installations, substations, telecom sectors, communication centers, construction, etc.

The Incredible Benefits of Earth Bars & Ground Bars!

  • Entirely made from corrosion proof materials.
  • Lighter in Weight and Easy to install Earth Bars.
  • Available with International Quality Standards.
  • Extra Ordinary Longer Life.
  • Excellent Solution to extend longevity.
  • Available also with predrilled fixing holes for easy installation.
  • Provides Consistent Performance.
  • High Thermal and Electrical Conductivity.
  • Provide Safe electrical isolation in various testing purpose.
  • Provide Convenient and Durable installation.
  • Wide range of Earth Bars, Neutral Bars, Ground bars & more.
  • Tailored to comply with industrial requirements & drawings.
Make the Right Choice by Considering Best Quality Earth Ground Bars